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Hi All, I'm very excited as this week we have the first of the coffee I bought on this years trip to BrazilHacienda Santa Quiteria was a great farm at the end of a city street. It was quiet surreal as there was no long drive on a dirt road to get there, it was just like turning into somebodys driveway. This is the first of the coffee we bought from them an it is full and nutty with hints of fresh tobacco leaves.  We also have an exciting Guatemalan that we have been working on, its a blend but I think that we are all so focussed on microlots and estate coffeees, that we forget that a high end regional blend still works. We dubbed this Guatemalan with its full, chocolatey, spiced rum flavours the Classic. For the filter lovers out there we have another round of Ethiopian Karote hitting the shelves. No need to go too in depth, its the one we all know and love with its berries and floral notes. Hope you enjoy, Jason
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