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Cleanskin Coffee Co has some exciting news. We are taking a major step towards our goal of 100% direct trade relationship beans. Following a huge initiative last year, we have managed to buy our green beans with a stronger focus on quality, sustainability and ethics than ever before. What this means. We are committing on a personal level to our farmers to help them by not only continuing to buy their coffee, but also develop their offerings to reach a greater and higher paying market. How we are doing this By working closely with a small number of farmers, we are educating them in how the western world sees, buys, and markets coffee. This empowers farmers to grow coffee with a deeper knowledge of the target market, which in turn allows them to earn a higher income. The bonus is that we get coffee grown specific to our needs. What this means for you A better quality coffee. Sleep sound at night knowing that you are directly making a difference in 3 choice of buying your coffee from us. The catch Our prices are going up. In all fairness, we haven’t changed the price of our retail coffee in 5 years. During this time we have seen a rise in every raw material and utility we use. But hey, its for a good cause and its really not that much…..
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