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Shutter & Brew

Owners name: Campbell and Laura Ship

How long have you had this business? 8 months What is your café about? Genuine service, atmosphere, taste, coffee and photography and in that order.  We take nothing for granted, we want to provide a genuine experience where the focus isn’t on making money but serving our customers and if you are into photography we also teach, offer free gallery space and take our customers on photo outings.

What did you do before this? I (Campbell) worked as a professional photographer, specialising in residential properties, hotels and resorts.  Laura has a background in construction management and more recently as a cake decorator.

Why did you get into coffee and what do you love about it? I wanted to move away from shooting images and head toward teaching others how to take great photos.  I decided to start a small photography tuition business that offered 1 on 1 tuition and had the thought of having a coffee machine to serve fresh coffee to students…one thing led to another and one of my oldest business dreams was realised….to own a small coffee shop and serve coffee not only to my students but to anyone wanting a tasty cup of coffee.

' I think the reason I love the coffee component of our business is that it brings together all sorts of people, photographers, non photographers, commuters, young, old, in a hurry or with time to kill.'

Outside of your café, where do you like to drink coffee and why? I wouldn’t say I’m a regular at any particular shop, we like to try different coffee from different shops. I’m a visual person and the presentation of a business means a lot to me, I love finding new interesting places operated by passionate people, like The Tiller in Alderley, Workshop Co. in Redcliffe, Esher Street Café & Deli in Tarragindi or Canteen down in Burleigh.

What coffees do you use from us? We run Old School as our house blend and cycle through various single origins on a weekly basis.

What is next for you and your business? This venture has been a big enough learning curve as it is, our focus now is to ensure we deliver quality coffee and food every order, we want to learn more about our coffee and continue to offer an excellent experience for those who spend time with us.

Opening hours? CAFÉ: Tue-Sat 6.30am – 1.30pm PHOTOGRAPHY: By appointment Tue-Fri 2pm onward

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