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This week we run the ever popular Santa Quiteria from Brazil for espresso. This is the first of the coffees through that I bought on my trip this year. What I like about this coffee is the big, rich body with fresh tobacco notes that are elegant enough to be a standout espresso, but big enough to really cut through milk. I have also roasted the Ethiopian Karote as an espresso roast again. This coffee never ceases to amaze with its full chocolatey body, yet delicate floral aromas and fruity sweetness. Because you are all a greedy bunch, and that’s what we love, we have roasted a third coffee for espresso this week. I was going to save this for the new year, but you have been ordering up so many singles that we just couldn’t wait. Panama Leridia has a good body with dry cocoa notes and lychee acidity and sweetness. We also have the El Salvador Mirravale Cup of Excellence available for filter. It has a juicy apple acidity and silky body but with predominant notes of toffee and malty caramel.
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