Colombia - Aninias Silvestre

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This coffee has a surprising subtle acidity for such a high grown bean. There are flavours of milk chocolate and caramel, with a buttery mouthfeel and a sweet and lingering aftertaste.

Location : Cundinamarca department
Region: Hulia
Altitude: 1950 meters
Variety: Caturra
Processing: washed


The owner of Bella Vista farm, Ananías Silvestre, takes extreme care in every aspect of growing, harvesting and processing his coffee and this is the perfect example of a high quality and unique Colombian bean.

The farm was purchased by Ananías Silvestre’s father in 1990 and divided up into 3 plots. Ananías was given the plot in the middle which had the steepest slopes and was protected from full sunlight, making it ideal for growing coffee. With this in mind, Ananías set out to focus on a specialty coffee offering, building his own tiled fermentation tank and drying house.

Ananías, his wife and daughter selectively pick cherries from 6.00am until 4.30pm each day during harvesting. At 5pm, he floats the cherries to remove the unripened coffee and from here pulps and ferments the coffee without water for 24 hours. With such a high altitude, the average drying time is between 25-30 days and involves using shade screens.



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