Costa Rica - Vara Blanca

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This coffee features flavours of chocolate and malt with a balanced acidity and a clean, crisp finish.

Region: Dota
Altitude: 1800 meters
Variety: Red Catuai
Processing: Natural

In the past, the region of Dota has been known for creating low quality coffee, with producers having little expertise in the agronomic process and no place to process and mill their own coffee. In 1929, Mr Estanislao Urena Mora decided to build a community based milling station, Coopedota, which allowed farmers to share growing techniques and learn from a local agronomist, thus improving the coffee quality dramatically.

Coopedota has also been certified carbon neutral since 2011. Vara Blanca is located inthe Los Santos region in Costa Rica, on the opposite side of a wide river from the Coopedota milling station. Farmers would cut down tall white trees to act as bridges allowing them access to the farm. Vara Blanca translates to tall white tree, which the locals believed was the perfect name for the farm.

Our Vara Blanca has been processed as a natural. Harvesting the cherries in late December to early February, beans are usually picked in the afternoon and left on raised beds to dry for up to 30 days. The Red Catuai variety works well for this process, with its big body and balanced acidity complemented by the fruity flavours captured by naturally fermenting coffee.



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