Ethiopian - Yirgacheffe - Sidamo


Tart acidity with a good body and a complex blend of dark chocolate, lemonade, berries and stone fruits characteristics and a clean sweet finish.

Region: Harrar
Producer: Collection of small orders
Atitude: 2000 masl
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: Washed

The Harrar region comprises the easternmost of the coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia. It is divided into four smaller regions: East Harrar, West Harrar, Bale, and Arsi. Coffee is grown only in the highlands that cluster in a gently descending arc from the cities of Dire Dawa and Harrar, south and west toward Sidama. The climate in Harrar, Arsi, and Bale is dryer and warmer than in western or southern Ethiopia. To the east, north, and south of the coffee growing regions of Harrar lie large, dry deserts.



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