Ethiopian - Torea - Natural


Tart acidity, mid body, clean lingering, berry

Variety: Castillo 94%, Típica 6%
Temperature: 16 – 20°C
Atitude: 1800 – 2000 masl
Process: Washed

This is a coffee from a small group of farmers surrounding Torea Village in the Abaya district of Yirgacheffe. About 30 minutes east of Yirgacheffe, you find Idido mill and then around the hillside to the very well-run Idido Cooperative. The altitudes here reach 3000m, making them in effect the paramo of the entire Gedeo Zone. While coffee cannot grow that high, of course, along the flanks of this ridge there are trees producing at altitudes up to 2150m! The station is located below the ridge and is the main catchment for farmers coming down along the drainage. This coffee has been prepared to a Grade 1 standard (meaning 0.3 defects per 300g sample).



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