Myanmar - Wa Ran

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Floral with notes of tea and melon. Very aromatic with soft body and sparkling finish.

Location : Wa Province
Altitude: 1300 meters
Variety: Catuai
Processing: natural


Myanmar has emerged from diplomatic isolation in 2011 and the opportunities it has opened has had amazing results. Many companies and programs have been doing development on the ground lately and the impact on Myanmars coffee industry has been unimaginable. They burst onto the specialty coffee map in 2016 at the SCAA Expo creating a buzz around the bean and every major green bean trader booked flights to Myanmar the instant they tasted the coffees. We are excited to have this coffee on our shelves and cannot wait to see how the coffee changes and develops over the next few years. I am sure it will become a powerhouse in the specialty coffee scene in years to come.



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