Ethiopian Guji

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Full juicy body, aromas of strawberry jam and lychee, with notes of rockmelon, mango and blackcurrent.

Variety: Mixed
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700-1800

Sidamo is a province in the southern part of Ethiopia, with its capital city at Irgalem, and after 1978 at Awasa. Through our friends at Trabocca we source our Sidamo coffees from a number of direct relationship cooperatives and farmer groups; almost all of these coffees are grown at between 1800-2200mtrs above sea level and most of the cooperatives produce both washed and unwashed coffees. All coffees in Sidamo are harvested between October and January with the main shipping period commencing in April through to about September each year. This beautiful coffee is grown in the fertile soils around the Wonberta mill in Kercha, South Oromia. In the eleven years that this mill has existed, the owners and workers have been continuously working on way to improve the quality of their coffee. The mill acts as a collector and buys from 500 neighboring small-scale growers. Each small-scale grower owns 1-2 hectares of land and grows coffee as a cash crop. The washing station has about 18 fermentation tanks and fresh water from the near by mountain streams for processing washed lots. This coffee is a natural process, meaning that the coffee is not pulped and is sun-dried with the pulp on. In Natural processing only fully ripe cherries are handpicked and only fresh ripe-red and purple are sun-dried on African drying beds without any pulping or washing. Once the coffee has reached the optimum moisture level, the coffee is then rested. The coffee is then pulped, graded, picked by hand and bagged up, ready for export. About Guji Guji zone in general and Odo shakisoo district in particular is not only reach in minirals particularly gold but is also the most suitable area for green gold (Coffee Arabic of sidamo A type according to Ethiopian Commodity exchange Authority category) production.



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