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It’s hard to believe that it has been three months since we introduced our Passport blend. The seasonal blend has been introduced and scrapped numerous times over the years, but with this new release it looks like it is here to stay. I would like to share with you the process that goes into this blend development, as Passport is a very simple blend. There are a number of ways this process can be approached. Firstly is finding amazing beans that we taste and decide we have to use. We have a large number of samples come through our roastery constantly. Some are great, and some are not. When we taste a fantastic coffee that is unique, we generally buy it. Some of these coffees are not purchased as they may be too similar to current coffees, or be too pricey, or just not work out. Every now and then we come across a coffee that is so good we want it to last longer than a regular feature single origin would. We then decide if this coffee can be used in a blend, without compromising their integrity. This was the case with the outgoing blend, the Ethiopian Karote was too good not to use. All we have to do then is find an equal quality bean to compliment our feature bean, and allow it to shine even brighter. Some times, we have a preconceived idea of what we want the blend to taste like. This is how the incoming Passport worked. We wanted to keep a continuity with the outgoing blend, so we knew we were trying to develop something with the same buttery base and fruitiness, but more comforting rather that refreshing to suit the changing seasons. For this we first found our complimenting bean. A very high quality Colombian that would keep the same base notes but have the ability to lift a heavy bean into feature status. Then we searched for a bean, which would not normally be a feature coffee, but has the ability to add both warmth and excitement. We found a coffee that we already had but in a different screen size in the PNG Okapa. The result is a warm, buttery blend with earthy aroma, full body and fruity sweetness.  
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